Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week 0 complete

So week one of my first MOOC is finishing up today. The first week has been an introduction to the course (hence week 0), its setup and navigation, and introducing ourselves. However, I already feel like there's such an overwhelming amount of material. Trying to keep up with all of the discussion posts would be a full time job in itself. And that doesn't include all of the tweets either. I know the intro tells us not to get overwhelmed and to do what we can and what we feel will benefit us the most, but I'm so programmed to follow a set schedule with set assignments (that  must be completed) that I find myself trying to keep up with everything. And now I'm wondering how I'm supposed to keep track of all the activities I've completed and which ones still need done. The second module shows it's yet to be unlocked which makes me think I've missed some required activity somewhere. Or maybe it's because week 1 doesn't start until tomorrow. So I spent a bunch of time going through all of the week 0 content again to make sure I didn't miss something, but then I installed the canvas app for iOS and I have access to the week 1 material. ??

Anyway, this blog is supposed to be about self-reflection on what I've learned. So for me, this week has been learning how to use this blog, getting familiar with twitter and how to follow others, and navigating the canvas course. I'm also learning more about my mobile device and its capabilities and how to use some new apps like pic collage, canvas, and photo booth. I think my experience with canvas has been that the app will serve me better than running canvas through safari. So in the future I'll  check to see if there's an app available because it's quite possible that the app was built to make the program more mobile-compatible. (Who knew?)

Now I'm looking forward to getting into the meat of this course in the weeks to come.

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