Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week 2

This week's IDML13 content is incredibly valuable as it covers the pedagogy behind mLearning.  Through the readings I've learned about different ways to design, build, and implement mobile projects in the classroom as well as when mLearning is and isn't appropriate.  For example, mobile activities can provide situated learning relevant to a learner's location.

This week's assignment was to use SoundCloud to record a short audio clip and create a representative image using Textgram. Two more applications that are new to me.  The online courses I work with currently have a "getting to know you" assignment at the beginning of the semester.  The activity is currently submitted using forum discussions, but in creating this week's assignment, I can see how students could record audio or video clips to share a little bit about themselves with the class.  This may help make the activity more personal for the students, which may also help build their online community.

SoundCloud link (the Textgram image is shown with the audio file)

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