Friday, June 20, 2014

Week 2 #create5

#create5 Week Two

This week we are exploring our own creativity in more depth... to explore, experiment, play... and be confident in our own creativity.

Remix Challenge

We were asked to take a favorite poem or song and create a literary cut-up. This reminds me of the fridge magnets with random words that we rearrange into sayings or poetry.  I chose Feist's My Moon My Man, and came up with the following...

I kept hearing the song in my head as I was pulling lines out of the bag.  I was afraid I was too influenced by the original to come up with something that was my own creation.  I created an image in Photoshop instead of taping the printed lines, and then I still kept moving the lines around.  I'm not sure how close I am to the original song.  I'm not exactly sure what this says about me except that I wanted to "leave on a high note".  :)  Again it made me feel like it's difficult to come up with something original when I'm so heavily influenced by what I already know.  I couldn't help but think of my graduate research.  In a sense it seems like bringing in support from other researchers to support our own research is a remix.  We are taking existing articles conscientiously rearranging that information to support our arguments.  I could be way off on this, but that's just one thing that came to mind.

Create or Consume?

This was sort of a mashup challenge... we were supposed to take an idea or a passion and curate our findings with a tool like Pinterest.  Although I'm familiar with Pinterest, I've never actually used it, so that was the tool I picked.  I am finishing the restoration of a class motorcycle and decided to curate inspiration for more of a custom build.  Here's a link to the Pinterest board I came up with. Hopefully I did the link right.

I would give my own life to these images and videos by merely using them for inspiration.  Some may be for color, others for their exhuast, seat, or tank.  Some I would love to build as they are!  :)  But I think it shows curiosity to be creative on my own.  As I've worked on my DT restoration, my brother informed me that I have no vision because I kept the bike as close to stock as possible.  With my next bike, I'd like to pull various elements together to make something that is truly my own... stay curious right?

Copy, Combine & Transform

For this task, I used 90 seconds to come up with some words to describe the theme from my Pinterest board.  Then I created a six word phrase to explain the story.  The six words were  "Create an original motorcycle reflecting me."  Using Prezi, I created an illustration of this story.  You can view the Prezi here.  I'm not sure I've quite got the hang of this task, but I feel like by using the work of others I can create something new and original... whether it's a motorbike or an instructional module.  I may play a bit more with this idea to see if I can apply it to instructional design. :)  I also saw some cool projects done on the Google+ discussions and think I'll need to look into ThingLink and some of the other PowerPoint alternatives.

Remixing is Social Creativity

Remixing is about collaboration.  Engaging with others to build on ideas.
Unfortunately, I've not had time to finish out this module, and it doesn't look like I'll be able to finish the MOOC. :( Other obligations have gotten the best of me this summer.  That being said, I will take away from this experience the need to foster creativity.

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